Building distribution and sales for domestic
and international vendors.


Looking for a professional sales broker to act as your connection to the Canadian market?
West 10th Sales & Trade Marketing will act as the representative for your brand, interfacing between you and your customers. Our expertise of the Canadian market will ensure your brand enters the right channels to allow your product(s) to gain maximum exposure throughout the National retail market..


Entering a new market can be challenging and partnering with the right distributor is one of the keys to your brand’s success. West 10th Sales & Trade Marketing will identify and secure the right distributor(s) for your product(s).
West 10th proudly represents domestic and international brands.

West 10th works with all of the following classes of trade across Canada:
•  Major Grocery Chains
•  Independent Grocery Stores
•  Major Natural Chains
•  Independent Natural Stores
•  Warehouse Clubs
•  Drug Stores
•  Mass Merchandisers
•  Wholesalers
•  Cash & Carry Locations
Brand Management

Works hands-on with each customer.
Develops, a specific plan unique to the brand and retailer
Through West 10th you will be kept up-to-date on the progress of the brand and market performance, as well as having access to:  
• Detailed sales reports
• Distribution reports
• Go-to-market strategies
• Listing process procedures
• Trade spend management
Sales Management

Works hands-on with each Distributor & Retailer  

• Head office representation
• Presentations to prospective buyers and existing customers
• Works with distributor’s sales team on retail coverage.
• Ad creation
• Promotional calendar development
• Developing distributor and direct model
• Trade shows

About West 10th

West 10th Sales and Trade Marketing boasts 30 plus years of Sales, Brand/Trade Marketing and Logistics experience in the Canadian food industry.

With a strong analytical way of thinking, combined with being an effective communicator, West 10th offers a unique perspective into the Sales & Trade Marketing side of the grocery industry. Our expertise of the Canadian market will ensure your brand enters the correct channels and gains maximum exposure.

• Over fifteen years of consumer-packaged goods marketing experience
• Skilled at identifying new revenue - generating opportunities
• Solid experience prospecting, networking and closing negotiations
• Extensive experience defining, developing, implementing short
and long-term goals for sales, marketing and business growth
• Experienced monitoring, analyzing and providing feedback on the performance of marketing/business development initiatives
• Skilled at creating, maintaining and implementing marketing and branding strategies
• Superior market knowledge of trends, competition and clients

Mark Brock, Founder
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Lemonilo Ramen

Unlike most instant ramen noodles, Lemonilo Ramen was oven-baked instead of deep fried to dehydrate it. That is why our noodles are free from the naughty & harmful Trans Fat. Mother nature already provides the most colorful and flavorful ingredients that we can use. This is why Lemonilo Ramen is without any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.


Creamy Shake Candy that kids love and moms love kids to take, at home, at school and everywhere in between. Low in sugar, fat and calories. Your body don’t know what hit you. Did we mention it tastes like CANDY?!! Eat candy and do something good for your body, too good to be true?
See for yourself and give it a try!!!


Namaste Foods is a women-owned and family-operated maker of exceptionally tasty food that is better for you than the run-of-the mill choices on most grocery store shelves. We’ve been in business since the year 2000 making outrageously delicious food that everyone in your family can enjoy, including those with food allergies.


We love good food, simple, pure ingredients yielding the best tasting croutons and stuffing in the marketplace today. vWe bake our breads from scratch, without any additives or enhancers. We use fresh, whole ingredients like real butter, fresh garlic and expeller-pressed oils. These commitments result in croutons and stuffing like no other. Since 1991, Olivia’s has grown from a home kitchen to a state-of-the-art commercial bakery. Simple, pure ingredients yielding the best tasting crouton in the marketplace today.

LillyBean by PastryBase

Baking Mixes & Baking Kits, made in Virginia with high quality ingredients like vegan sugars, real ground vanilla beans, & our gluten-free flour blend.  We take the worry out of baking & deliver reliable, bakery-quality results made with trustworthy ingredients.  Our mixes feature rotating seasonal flavors & multiple vegan AND non-vegan prep options. You'll swear they're some of the best pastries you've ever let's get baking!

teta foods

From my great grandmother's (Teta) kitchen we acquired the passion of cooking and enjoying food with friends and family, we would like to pass on the joy of cooking gourmet foods for you to share with your friends and loved ones. Use our mouth-watering and low-calorie Fattoush salad dressing to pour over a fresh cut salad.
Just add chicken, beef, or lamb to our savory Shawarma or Shish Tawook marinades to experience meal to remember. Experience the flavors of our gourmet products found..."in a bottle!""

yeshi dressings

Yeshi is a unique tasting nutritional yeast based dressing that has a beautiful creamy texture, with the subtle flavours of garlic and cheesy nutty undertones. With 5 flavours to choose from, let us introduce them.


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